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Delta Sigma Company offers a variety of turnkey custom machines for aerospace, automotive, and shipbuilding manufacturing. Our primary design and build competencies include:

  • Aircraft precision align and mate systems
  • Custom robotic drilling and routing cells
  • Custom automated milling machines
  • Custom machine vision applications
  • Custom factory automation – if you can picture it, we can build it.


Since 1990, Delta Sigma Company has been designing and building specialized state-of-the-art low observable measurement systems, which we continue to develop today. Our capabilities include:

  • All-purpose turntables
  • Antennas
  • Reflection imagers
  • Transmission loss imagers
  • Simple radars
  • Pylons and pylon elevators
  • Gantries
  • AZ/EL positioners
  • Part fixtures
  • RCS models
  • Special cal targets
  • Radar ranges and anechoic chambers


Delta Sigma initially began developing 3D optical projection in 2005, eventually leading to the launch of the ProjectionWorks product family in 2009. ProjectionWorks is a division of Delta Sigma that offers a family of augmented reality products designed to provide visual designs and work instructions that are directly projected onto any object or vehicle, regardless of shape or dimensions. ProjectionWorks uses a patented 3D optical projection system that allows for less time and resources spent on tasks and rework and normalizes the build time across the workforce.

ProjectionWorks technologies can be applied to (but not limited to) paint, assembly, wire harness and cable assembly, and metrology. Anything you can imagine that would be beneficial if it were projected onto your assembly can be done.

Why Work with Delta Sigma Company?

We employ a variety of self-starting industry professionals that cover a very broad range of skill sets. Our diverse core group of professionals have the project management expertise, experience, and flexibility to automate nearly anything you can dream of. There are no tasks too difficult or too large for us to discuss, and whatever production problems you may have are not too hard for us to help you solve.

All of our designs, software, and machines are custom built in-house from the ground up, ensuring complete project control and a product that fits your specific needs and production goals. To learn more, get a quote, or just to pick our brains on how to get started with automating a manufacturing process, please contact us today.


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