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Delta Sigma Company (DSC) specializes in designing and building custom systems used to automate precision manufacturing and complex assembly tasks. Initially focused on custom low observable test equipment, DSC has expanded our capabilities to include engineer-to-order factory automation systems, robotics, and cutting edge augmented reality systems.

Delta Sigma began operations in January 1990 in Hesperia, California, providing support to the stealth F-117 Nighthawk and emerging F-22 Raptor programs. Delta Sigma played a pivotal role in ensuring that both aircraft fleets maintained the lowest possible radar cross section while in operation. Delta Sigma’s custom pylons, rotators, and RCS chamber designs were instrumental in the production of these aircraft programs.

In 1997, Delta Sigma was awarded a contract to create an unprecedented align and mate system using machine vision for the three major F-22 body sections. We relocated our offices to our current location in Kennesaw, Georgia, to design and implement the project. The success of this project cemented Delta Sigma as a premier provider in custom machine vision robotic solutions. This led to expanding our team and capabilities even further, bidding on and winning contracts across and wide range of production lines by offering exceptional value in price, form, and function. Most importantly, Delta Sigma instills the confidence that we have the personnel and facilities to turn a comprehensive list of customer specifications into incredible machines.

In 2005, we began developing 3D optical projection technologies, which later grew into our patented ProjectionWorks product line in 2009. Delta Sigma now offers a family of augmented reality products designed to project visual work instructions in true size and color directly onto any vehicle, object, or surface, regardless of shape or size. This enables manufacturers to reduce time on task and eliminate errors in manufacturing and complex assembly processes. ProjectionWorks can be applied to assembly, painting, and wire harness and cable assembly.

Delta Sigma Company is backed by certification and accreditation from several respected organizations and leaders in aerospace and engineering industries, ensuring quality builds and services. This includes:

  • ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • Society of Aeronautical Engineers member
  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers member
  • Georgia Professional Engineering Company license
  • Kuka Robot Certified System partner
  • Cognex/DVT certified integrator


Working with Delta Sigma Company

Delta Sigma Company is backed by a full-time staff of educated and experienced engineers and designers who understand the needs of the modern manufacturer. All of our designs, software, and machines are created in-house, ensuring that you receive a completely customized solution built from the ground up to meet your specific needs.

From stealth pylons to 3D projected work instructions, Delta Sigma continues to grow as a company and expand our offerings to help our customers compete in the modern world of industry 4.0. To learn more or begin working with us, contact us today.


Mockup Design

Our first mission was to create high-quality design assets. The outcome was widely favored by the community and was featured in Smashing Magazine, Slodive, Hongkiat and many more.

Icon Design

We are icon enthusiasts! From Applish skeumorphic awesomeness to minimal shady flats, we have filled up our portfolio with some of the best-in-kind icon sets through our icon career.

Mockup Design

Our first mission was to create high-quality design assets. The outcome was widely favored by the community and was featured in Smashing Magazine, Slodive, Hongkiat and many more.

Mockup Design

Our first mission was to create high-quality design assets. The outcome was widely favored by the community and was featured in Smashing Magazine, Slodive, Hongkiat and many more.


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  • Roger Richardson
    Roger Richardson CEO

    Roger Richardson founded Delta Sigma Company (DSC) in 1990 to design and build specialized radar cross section test and measurement systems. In 2000, he led the company into a new phase of engineer-to-order production line automation to automate processes that have historically been done manually in aerospace production. In 2010 with the development of 3D optical projection, he began transitioning part of the company to become more product-focused. DSC now has customers around the globe, producing aircraft and other high value products.

  • Craig Cappai
    Craig Cappai President

    Craig Cappai has served as President of Delta Sigma Company for the past four years. Craig comes to DSC with over 25 years’ experience in building businesses, developing key market strategies, developing customer relationships and organizing sales teams for success. His ability to build a solid foundation of processes and team members has given him a solid track record in growing Delta Sigmas overall business.

  • Brett Haisty, PhD, PE
    Brett Haisty, PhD, PE Vice President & CTO

    As Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Brett is responsible for handling the engineering, design, production and installation of our products. He previously served as the Manager of the F-22 Low Observables Department at Lockheed Martin, where he worked with many different test fixtures and oversaw the development and implementation of the F-22 Radar test ranges in Marietta. He has extensive experience developing and deploying production systems and tooling.

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