C-130 Cargo Ramp Drill

  This system replaced thousands of hand-drilled holes with a fully automated machine.  It was designed specifically for the unique attributes of the C-130 cargo ramp. A pressure foot is [...]

Truck Roof Drilling System

  This system uses three Kuka KR60-HA’s to drill the front, back, and inside of a roof for a Daimler (formerly Freightliner) truck. The system has automatic clamping and other features [...]

F-22 Mid-Fuselage Mate System

  This system performs a similar function to the full-body mate system in Marietta, but the pieces are smaller and the assembly line is not mobile; it is in a fixed position. Space [...]

C-130 Wing Mill

  The “Wing Mill” began operations in June 2001 and is still in operation today. It is a mobile milling machine that creates the attachment surface between the “center wing” that runs [...]

C-130 Wing Drill

  This is a fully automated drilling machine that drills approximately 15,000 holes on 4 different jigs per ship. It drills the holes in the forward and aft Wing Beam, left and right. The [...]