RCS & Antenna Measurement Systems

DSC built the antenna positioning system for this test system for the F-117A Nighthawk in a partnership with Skunkworks and SPC. It is designed to be deployable with the fleet. The system is a synthetic aperture radar that can generate a 28 foot aperture over a vertical range of 10 feet. The temperature and environmental specifications are such that it can operate anywhere in the world. The antennas, when deployed at full height, must be able to travel the full 28 foot range in a 26 knot (40 knot gust) wind under a 2,000 lb ice load while deflecting no more than 0.5mm RMS. Additionally, the system needed to be quickly storable and deployable by two people in 8 hours. Four identical systems were built; all of which passed the USAF ATP in the first try with no punch list. The USAF operated several of these systems until the F-117A fleet was retired.

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